Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Ethan first: He slid himself down a waterslide.

Ethan and his cousins on my side of the family visited an indoor waterpark today. I sent Ethan down the big and little kiddie waterslides. He had a mixed reaction to them: he enjoyed the thrill but was less than keen about being submerged at the end. After the second one I got the impression he was done, so he played elsewhere.

About a half hour later, he was walked over to the stairs that led to the slide. I played the role of human handrail while he climbed up, walked to the slide, stepped in, and sat down. He couldn’t get the scooch working, so I had to push him ahead a few inches. Then the gravity and the water flow took over and away he went! He still looked disconcerted from the plunge when my brother lifted him out, but it just goes to show there is no separating Ethan from his slides.