Friday, July 19, 2013

An Eliana first: She talked on the phone.

As Beth was talking on the phone to her mother, Eliana walked over. Beth asked Eliana if she wanted to say something and held the phone down by her. She said “Hi” to grandma.

Another Ethan first: He secured a load.

Ethan asked me to help him find our box of bungee cords. You can’t be too careful when hauling a wheel loader in a dump truck.

Ethan secured a load.

An Eliana first: She gave Bunny a ride in the swing.

Eliana put Bunny in the swing and then asked me for help with putting down the lap bar. When Bunny was snugly in place, she pushed theing and gave her a gentle ride.

Eliana gave Bunny a ride in the swing

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Ethan first: He swung by himself.

With Eliana wanting to swing more and more, the timing for Ethan to learn how to pump so that he can swing by himself couldn’t be better.

Another Ethan first: He took out the trash.

Lounging on a comfortable deck chair is no place to be when you remember that the trash needs to go out. That is, unless you muse out loud to yourself, “I wonder if Ethan is old enough to take out the trash.” Only the garbage was time sensitive; the recycling truck wouldn’t come until after lunch. Ambiguity, however, can be your friend, especially when a five year old gets inspired. After five minutes or so Beth went to inspect. (No, I didn’t stay lounging; Eliana wanted me to push her on the swing.) Beth’s report was of a perfect job, worthy of continued enjoyment of the weekly privilege for at least a dozen years.