Sunday, June 18, 2017

An E&E first: They made me Father’s Day s’mores.

During a Father’s Day bonfire, Heidi suggested to Ethan the idea of making his father a s’more. Not just any s’more, Ethan thought; he made me a double-marshmallow triple-chocolate s’more. That’s a lot of gooey goodness! And that was before Eliana overheard the conversation and quietly went about making her own s’more for me. After enjoying all that goodness, despite the name, I didn’t want “some more”.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

An Eliana first: She used glowworms as a light source to find glowworms.

She’s creative and resourceful: Once she had put some of the brighter glowworms in a jar, she used their light to help her find others that didn’t stand out a clearly.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another Ethan first: He played Ultimate with the big kids.

Ethan has a natural talent at throwing a Frisbee. He lets go mostly crisp, level passes that lead their target well. He also has a solid ability to react to and catch the disc. He tried out those skills today when he joined in on a pick-up-game of Ultimate with my friends and me. He was the only person under 20 on a field that must have seemed huge to him. He had a lot to process with many bodies moving quickly around, but he adapted well. He had several fine plays and enjoyed the experience, looking forward to more to come.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Eliana first: She fed the sled-eating tree.

This year Eliana has full confidence to tackle the backyard sled hill by herself. There is a gently sloped, wide-open diagonal path, with a long flat bottom, which makes it about as safe as sledding gets while still being fun. The only exception is a solitary cherry tree, about the same age as Eliana, whose six-inch trunk seems to posses magnetic powers. Fortunately, it’s near the top of the hill, so while it did literally stop Eliana in her tracks, it was only for a moment.