Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ethan's Oh-Ohhhs

Ethan has come to the appreciation of order, and he has made it a habit all by himself to point out to something that might be not quite what he is expecting. We think it probably started with whenever food would fall on the floor from his high chair, and we must have said "Oh-ohhh" just out of habit. Ethan quickly caught on. Today we noticed Ethan doing this when Grandma and I were walking to our car from the mall, strolling Ethan. As we were walking, Ethan noticed some litter on the road about 20 feet away. He pointed to it and said, "Oh-ohhh!" About a week later, Daddy had on a painting shirt (we have been staining our deck), and when Ethan saw all the dried spots on Daddy's shirt, he knew something wasn't normal and said, "Oh-ohhh!"

There are many more "oh-ohhh" examples that have occurred, but too many to list. It is amazing to see how Ethan has realized that this world is not perfect, and we are thankful that he can recognize the "oh-ohhs". Often, it is quite funny what he considers an "oh-ohh".

posted by Beth