Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ethan used his hand to guide my hand to aid his other hand

On a wall shelf in Ethan’s room is a lovely, old music box that Beth had from when she was little. It is a porcelain sculpture of a bear lying on a hammock. Each night at bedtime I take it by Ethan in the crib and wind it up. It plays “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” (Ethan doesn’t know the difference). After seeing me wind it a few nights, Ethan decided he wanted to wind it, too. The spring had been too tight for him to wind it on his own, so I have to help. Tonight, however, I decided not to help and instead see how he’d do completely on his own.

Ethan had other ideas: after a brief attempt at winding with his right hand, he reached with his left hand to take my hand and place it over his right hand. Even though he doesn’t know may words, he knows in his own gentle and wonderfully cute way how to ask for help.