Saturday, June 14, 2014

An E&E first: They took on the bouncy slides together.

This Irish Fest found me spending more time with the children at the bouncy play area than listening to music. Ethan loved the bouncy slides the best and went through with a passion. The slides were too big for Eliana to take on by herself, so I went with her. She liked them as well, but at her typical cautious pace.

The system worked well until I started feeling not so well – to the point were I didn’t want to climb through the slides any longer. Since Beth was enjoying the real Irish Fest with a friend, I asked Ethan to take Eliana through. This was a big step for both of them – for Ethan, patiently and carefully leading his sister, and for Eliana, not having an adult in the supporting role. Both children performed admirably, making it easy to spot the not-so-hidden blessing in my illness.