Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Eliana first: She cleaned up for Ethan.

Usually Ethan practices when his sister is asleep. And, part of Ethan’s violin practice involves him picking a Life Saver, unwrapping it, and saving it for the end of his practice where he gets to balance it on the tip of his bow. The wrapper ends up sitting on the piano bench until his lesson is over. Then, he puts it in the trash (after Mommy reminds him, of course).

But, tonight, Eliana was up for the lesson. As we started our practice, I noticed that she walked away, and then I heard the cabinet door close. I thought to myself, “Could she have?” To my surprise, the Life Saver wrapper had vanished from the piano bench and found its way to the garage can, thanks to a seagull.

Update: The Seagull was smiling and, after I praised her for throwing away the wrapper, Ethan noticed something in her mouth. While at the garbage, throwing the wrapper away, she had apparently found our friend’s gum and decided it would be tasty. Ewww!

~ Beth