Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Ethan first: He built a model of the YMCA gymnasium.

Ethan has built cars, tractors, and such out of Legos for a while now, but Tinkertoys, being a bit more abstract, had been a playset where Ethan would ask me to make combines, garbage trucks, and such, for him to modify and play with.

So it came as a surprise to walk into his room and see a full-size, from-scratch creation. He built a model of the gym that he goes to at the YMCA for gymnastics lessons, with enhancements inspired by carnival merry-go-rounds. His model features a couple climbing ropes, a “round-around tower for swinging on” and a “spinning tower”.

Ethan built a model of the YMCA gymnasium.

Shortly after he completion, I played an evening game of glow-stick Ultimate Frisbee, afterwards promising the players that if they had no use for their glow sticks, my four-year-old would put them to good use. Indeed he did, both on his model and, after its destruction, all around his room.

Ethan added glow sticks to his model of the YMCA gymnasium.