Friday, February 10, 2012

Remembering Bear

I’ve heard the expression, “the uncluttered mind of a child”, but haven’t appreciated it so much as in the present, observing Ethan’s power of memory. Not only can he sometimes beat Beth and me in the game Memory, but he can remember details from long ago that I’ve forgotten. On Monday, we had friends over for a game night and were considering an outdoor running-around game. It’s often called Ghost in the Graveyard, or Bunnies in the Garden as we’re fond of. But there was another name for the game, too, which I’d learned when the kids were playing it for a bit back in December at a Christmas party. I couldn’t remember was it was called, though. When I asked Ethan, his answer was shy and uncertain (unusual for him), but he remembered that the name of the game was Bear.