Monday, August 1, 2011

Bedtime independence

Beth was shopping tonight, so I had the two kids. As I started feeding Eliana, I asked Ethan to come inside for his bedtime story. Once in his room, I sat on rocker with Eliana while Ethan changed into his pajamas. Next he brushed his teeth and went potty. After I read him some stories, he realized he didn’t have his bunny. He thought it might be outside. Looking out the window, he was distressed to see his froggy shoes (green Crocs) on the deck. So he went downstairs, brought them in, and located and picked up Bunny along the way.

Other than rock, feed, burp, and change Eliana, my role was limited to reading, giving a few directions, praying, tucking in, and (fortunately, lest he grow up too fast) winding up the music boxes.