Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Ethan first: He found a lost screw.

I had disassembled the rear-facing car seat to remove the covers for washing. Although they were still in very good condition, there is nothing like fresh, clean fabric for a fresh, clean baby. Despite having attempted to take reasonable care, when I completed I found myself short one screw and one washer. Ethan was with me, so I showed him an identical screw and washer and asked him to help me find them.

Immediately, Ethan wandered away from the car seat over to his tricycle. I didn’t expect him to be of much use there, but he seemed like he was searching, so I didn’t want to discourage him. Next, he dumped the contents of the tricycle’s trunk. Finally, he reached into the trunk to extract two items that didn’t dump out: the screw and its washer.

Now how do you think they got in there?

Finding a lost screw