Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Ethan first: He freed himself from his wrist rattle.

Since long before Ethan would grasp objects for any length of time, we occasionally attached a rattle to his wrist to keep him entertained. For a while now, there hasn’t been much call for that, but today, for old time’s sake, Mommy tried.

We found that Ethan is no longer as accommodating to the idea as he once was. First, he tried to shake the rattle off, which only served as comic frustration. Next, he switched to using his newly acquired teeth, which were the key to bunny rattle freedom.

During dinner, we were playing around, and he bit my nose. Something felt unusual. I checked, and sure enough, he has a top tooth poking through to oppose the bottom ones. They sure worked well for the budding escape artist!

See video